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Deb said YES!

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This $4.18 million project widened a 1.2-mile portion of West Park Avenue between Old Mission Road and Massey Ranch Road in Edgewater from two to three lanes. Five-foot paved shoulders and storm water management were also incorporated in the project. 


“The addition of a continuous turn lane on West Park Avenue not only allows for easier movement, but also creates a safer environment for drivers,” said Denys. “Recognizing our continued economic growth in Edgewater, this project will also help to alleviate traffic buildup on a popular stretch of roadway.”


The project was funded by Volusia County local option gas tax dollars, with a contribution from the City of Edgewater to cover utility costs. John Massey, owner of Massey Ranch Airpark, donated right of way to facilitate completion of the expansion.  

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Michael Eader Turnbull Bay Bridge


A Little Bridge for a Big Community!


After seven years of planning, negotiating, meetings, funding requests & increases to name a few - we cut the ribbon and celebrated! 


They said it couldn’t be done without a 15 minute detour during replacement and construction.  Through community collaboration with the cities of New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange and all cities represented on our River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization, projects were adjusted on the timeline.


The 660-foot Michael Eader Turnbull Bay Bridge is 440 feet longer and 20 feet wider than the bridge it replaced. In addition to the two lanes for vehicular traffic, the new bridge adds 8-foot-wide safety shoulders with traffic barriers and 6-foot-wide sidewalks on each side. The $7.9 million project was funded in cooperation with the Florida Department of Transportation using federal and local funds.


The bridge was named after the late Michael Eader, a New Smyrna Beach resident who encouraged Volusia County officials to keep the bridge open throughout construction.


Charting a Course to Financial Freedom - Debt Free and Building a Brighter Future 

On Purpose!

Volusia County became DEBT FREE in the general fund at the end of 2018!!!! By implementing a planned approach to the management of debt, the county funds its capital needs from internally generated resources and uses external financing only when needed. The last bond will be paid off in it's entirety on October 1st, 2018. Not only did this make Volusia DEBT FREE, we saved $1.7 million in interest!!!

To fulfill future capital needs, Volusia County is able to utilize available resources freed up by paying off its debt toward a pay-as-you-go funding strategy. This strategy will ensure that future taxpayers remain unburdened with debt while fostering ongoing fiscal responsibility!!!!

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